School Closure Friday 2nd March

Dear Parents/Carers, 

I am emailing to inform you that I have taken the decision, following consultation with senior leaders, to continue with the closure of the school tomorrow, Friday 2nd March, due to the treacherous and unpredictable nature of the current weather conditions.

This is not a decision I have taken lightly, however a number of factors have led to this decision:


·        The playground is covered in snow and ice and we have not had the manpower to clear it.

·        The weather forecast continues to change and as it stands we are currently going to see more snow and a further reduction in temperatures over the next 24 hours.  This has led to significant disruption locally with transport networks on emergency/reduced operations.  This is going to continue throughout today, tonight and tomorrow.

·        Furthermore, as temperatures reduce, more ice is forming, and it is known that in these adverse conditions grit no longer works, consequently the safety of the site, as well as travelling to school, become a significant challenge.


I do appreciate the difficulties this may place you in, particularly in terms of childcare. However, I am informing you of my decision now to allow you the time to plan and make arrangements as needed.

Our aim is to open as usual on Monday 5th March. If we cannot open as usual, we will send a further parent mail and update our website and twitter feed accordingly.  No update means we will be open as usual.


Thank you for your continued co-operation and understanding.


Ross Silcock